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Lucille Valentine

Research Assistant


Engagement, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation

I am based at the Newcastle University Business School within the Centre for Knowledge, Innovation, Technology and Enterprise (KITE), a Newcastle University research centre.

My practice and research centres on medical technology innovation, the methodology and benefits of open source software within NHS Dentistry, promoting and teaching methodical innovation / design-thinking based entrepreneurship outside of the business school.

I collaborate widely through:

Engagement activities

I am the university liaison for North East pharmaceutical company community organisation First for Pharma. 2016/17 funded by the Business Engagement Fund.


2014/15 Module co-founder and lecturer for Med-Tech Innovation for MRes Biomedicine in FMS, Newcastle University

2015/16 Module leader and lecturer for MEC8050 Med-Tech Innovation for Biomedical Engineers in School of Mechanical Engineering, SAgE Faculty, Newcastle University

2016/17 Module leader and lecturer for MEC8050 Med-Tech Innovation for Biomedical Engineers in School of Mechanical Engineering, SAgE Faculty, Newcastle University

MKT3096 Dissertation Supervisor


PERFORM: A Horizon 2020 project. “Personalised Risk assessment in febrile illness to optimise Real-life Management across the European Union” WP5. I am part of the Newcastle University team examining emergency care pathways and stakeholder engagement.

The influence of teaching Innovation for commercialisation on the Entrepreneurial Intention of postgraduate biomedical students? Toward an MPhil (Bus) – part time. Started in 2014 due to complete in 2017.

Open Odonto: Collaborating with Dr Rebecca Wassall. First project funded through the CIC Open Odonto (Apperta supported) since 2015.

Most recent activity:

Feb to May 2017: Referral Management System for dentistry. Translate Odonto research into prototypes for Referral Management Software and present this – ongoing consensus building/requirements elicitation while iterating software as opposed to “specify and procure” – as the alternative approach to the development of a Referral Management System to the NHS North in February.

October 2016: NHS Hackday Newcastle. Present a “problem worth solving” arising from Odonto. 2 projects completed. 1. Find a community dental clinic near you. 2. Digital tool to capture complexity “case mix” at the end of dental care.

September 2016: Health Wise Workshop, Healthcare Management: Groningen University. Demonstrating Value: Developing User Needs for NHS Community Dental Services Software

June 2016: International symposium on healthcare improvement and innovation: Prato. The video prototype as convergent output while preparing user needs for special care dentistry software – co-creation with the clinicians of four NHS Trusts.

March 2016: UK MedEnterprise training network workshop at Imperial College London. On Teaching Med-Tech Innovation to postgrad biomedical engineers at Newcastle University.

Much of my work uses the Living Lab as a methodology.

Through Odonto I am interested in contributing to agile software methodologies and Living Lab based discovery for addressing wicked problems in dental health systems.

Other research areas:

The Innovation eco-system in the North East of England

Establishing a learning community of community dentists for the Open Odonto CIC.

2013: Executive Education: "Managing Innovation" at Stanford University's Program for Biodesign. With the purpose of establishing a biodesign-related course at Newcastle University.

2013: MOPAN conference paper: The role of visible regional networks in inspiring entrepreneurship in the North East.

Affiliate member of IOEE


I joined Newcastle University in 2012.

I have co-created a couple of small publishing businesses. Earth Pathways Diary is now in its 10th year and the 2018 diary will have a print run of 7000 books. I have published two short stories and, in 2014, an essay "On Play" in Conversations with Philosophers, the Newcastle Philosophy Society journal.

Before coming to the UK I was the South Africa business analyst for a New Zealand software company for 12 years. We developed banking, pump control and shop sales software for petrol stations, on behalf of Shell, BP and Total in South Africa.

As a chemical engineering researcher for the CSIR in Pretoria, South Africa I was mainly involved in process development of minerals extraction from complex materials.

Events: Entrepreneurs and Innovators on the Life Sciences.

Seminars: Entrepreneurship for Scientists

Co-curator TEDxNewcastle 2014


HND Chemical Engineering, Cape Town and Vanderbijlpark

BSc (Computer Science and Operations Research), UNISA

Diploma in Project Management for IT, Cape Town

MA in Creative Writing, Northumbria University

Process Guide for Stanford University’s Biodesign methodology

Currently enrolled for my MPhil (Bus)

Informal Interests

Chair of the Newcastle Philosophy Society

Member of the co-operative Earth Pathways Diary

My lads, Cycling, Science fiction, Writing, Food growing at the allotment, Knitting, Marmalade, The ukulele.

I speak English to my mother, but I spoke Afrikaans to my father. I learned French in high school.



MPhil (Bus) 2014 to 2016

Do commercialising programmes raise the Entrepreneurial Intention of medical sciences research students?

  • Can we teach entrepreneurship in a way that medical scientists find a more natural fit – through innovation for commercialisation within their field of interest?
  • Validate Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy and Entrepreneurial Intention scales and see how much they change with commercialisation training.

The Innovation eco-system in the North East of England

Establishing a learning community of community dentists for the Open Odonto CIC.



Module leader of Med Tech Innovation MEC8050

Tutor on Med Tech Innovation MEC8050