Newcastle University Business School

Staff Profile

Dr David Barlow



Roles and Responsibilities

chair of economics sub-board of studies


PhD Newcastle 1993


Research Interests

Macroeconomics, paricularly Monetary Economics
Economic reform and economic performance in central and eastern europe
European economic integration

Current Work

1. Welfare cost of inflation in the UK and in the US. Such studies consider the welfare loss due to the reduction in money holdings as higher inflation raises the rate of interest.

1a. For UK the analysis considers the household and corporate sectors individually.

1b. For US the analysis is applied to aggregate divisia indices.

2. The demand for notes and coins in the UK, disagregated by sector and paying attention to the the effect of the crisis that dates from the near collapse of Northern Rock.

Future Research

1. Demand for Divisia money in countries other than US.


Esteem Indicators

invited to co-author papers on inequality with researchers at Warwick University


EU Framework 5 projeect 2001-2004, total value £400,000


Undergraduate Teaching

Stage 1 

introductory economics (eco1017)
european economies,  as part of Global Economies (eco1019)


Stage 2

Seminars for economic modelling (eco2003) and intermediate macroeconomics (eco2005)

Stage 3

monetary economics, as part of advanced macroeconomics (eco3002)
transition, developmemt & reform (eco3027)